Monday, June 27, 2016

trek WSD 7200 electric build

Trek WSD 7200 Electric conversion
Originally I wanted to do a front trike configuration main purpose was to place 48v chevy volt battery in front but it prove to be to unstable, hard to control. I realized the fork angle camber, pitch made it unsuitable.
Lesson taken so back to 2 wheels. I really like the frame design the other choice would have been the Biria Easy Boarding bike frame, I like the low stepping.
Since this is basically for cargo so ease and stability were the main focus.

I used a 1200 watt hub motor 48v battery set
Close to final form is top picture ran really great! peppy!
Unfortunately no finished pics :(
Paint was a copper orange looked nice too nice :(
Think 2 kryptonite locks is enough :( nope :(
I used it for 2-3 weeks before it got stolen
If you see it let me know, though i'm sure its been parted out:(

this is an example of what not to do Trike front with pivoting center for 2 wheels proved to be highly unstable 
never know till you try ;) my oops your gain " knowledge" what not to do.
front disc brake mounts 

I made these extenders from titanium I had laying about bought it for a battlebot that i didn't finish.

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