Monday, June 27, 2016

Front wheel lock modified Kryptonite lock DIY

Front wheel lock using modified Kryptonite lock
Had 2 kryptonite lock barrels some thief or thieves clipped using bolt cutters
on my Trek electric bike, left as reminder why I shouldn't leave my bike too long anywhere. I had already tossed them but recovered them for prints. ha
Anyway realized they could be modified for wheel locks, luckily I didn't toss all the keys.
Kryptonite lock Modified is on left, had to cut it shorter and ground a new hole for bolt posts. Cut off 2 inches+- using grinder, Then cut a large slot to fit T-bolt on brake post.

I removed the brake posts and replaced them with bolts/screws.
Had to grind the head on one of them flat so it's kind of like a T since one lock opening is a large  slot.
Screw posts made it easy to adjust lock insert for smooth operation.

 Now I no longer have to loop my chain through the front wheel
youtube video link;

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