Monday, June 27, 2016

Origami a folding DIY bike cart / trailer

DIY bike cart / trailer
After looking for bike trailers,wasn't thrilled with choices I came across. $250 for the one I sort of liked, too much for something I wouldn't use. So ended up building this folding Origami-ish trailer. In NYC space is premium so it had to fold so I can store it in my squish-box of an apartment. Built it on the fly with what I had at hand, decided right away had to use 1/2 ply, I knew 3/4 would be to much weight. Here are the results of my tinkering. There is lots of room for improvement. But it easily carries 100+ pounds. Plus I can stick my monstrous 
Chevy Volt battery inside, really extends range of my electric bike.
drew up some rudimentary plans.  As a guide; ) have fun!

folds worked out fairly well
The holes are for the bolt nuts to fit into so its narrower when it's folded.

Axle for wheels are 1/2 inch bolts to hold wheels direct to plywood + large flange washers

Used Boeing green epoxy paint primer

still needs lots of minor modifications but very usable and foldable ;)

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  1. Cool design! I like it!
    Are you able to fold it completely flat?
    Is it still holding up now, almost a year later?
    And did you make a better coupling?
    I got an old sturdy trailer, but the coupling is a weird old mechanism, for which i only have the part attached to the trailer. So i'm looking for inspiration for a good way to do this.
    BR Jeppe, Denmark