Monday, June 27, 2016

montague paratrooper electric bike build

Montague paratrooper folding bike 
electric Reincarnation
I originally went overboard on this bike adding carbon fiber + aluminum super light parts and titanium bolts where ever I could ended up being a $3k folding bike. Which was great light and fast think it was 18lbs from I believe 32-35?lbs.
Then one day I go to use it stripped !!! and WOW they took parts I couldn't believe pedals and crankshaft! fork handlebar whole front assembly! seat etc.
Well they left me the main frame.
I left this languishing for 2 years.
till they got my Trek WSD 2700 electric

So here is the reincarnated Montague paratrooper

I bought a 36 volt 1000 watt rear hub motor kit via ebay.
Want 48 volt but I can probably swap out the controller to 48 at some point.

I used 2 iberia racks. I was looking at front racks what a waste. So decided to install another iberia backwards way better. I think.
The rear one conceals the controller somewhat, and the front holds the battery
I will probably change the battery configuration soon.

Testing my DIY trailer installed disc brakes, much smoother stopping power.

I  hijacked the seat from a Tail-G electric scooter I started to fix, more squooshy

also added folding pedals, stopped whacking my shins! when I walk it.
Got all the parts via ebay.

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