Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cement castings, DIY Moulds

Cement casting, DIY Moulds

Originally I did these moulds as a solution for the window sills ledges. 
Which originally had wood ledges. This proved to a be super easy solution.
I made 17 different variations of window moulds differing in lengths and orientation plus duplicates so we did could let them cure and work on other windows we probably had 200+- windows.
The largest mould was 9 feet long picture window in the lobby.
End result was durable and beautiful, no termites will munch on these!

The moulds where fastened to the brick anchors etc,
lots of mould release vaseline worked and was cheaper.
Most important! sealed openings with plumbers putty.
I did some research on the best cement blend ended up with;
1 part cement
2 parts sand
2 parts gravel

we also added chopped fiberglass don't remember amount
and a wire mesh frame 

I used a modified angle grinder with an offset counter balance as a vibrator
to make sure cement filled all voids

I did my homework B-) 

On this window sill casting I cemented a marble slab on top to create a ledge below the mailboxes

Looks nice!

 Seeking a base molding to marry the brick with the tile floors throughout the buildings lobby, floor landings, and halls. I made these cement moldingsCasting 3 basic types, a left and right mitered, a 30" piece with left and right ends and a 20" with flat ends. Must have casted well over 400 pieces. Cemented in place with mortar and cut as needed with a diamond wet saw. The piece in the pictures show the end cut.

Base of steel columns got the mould treatment also.

Monday, July 4, 2016

DIY sheetrock lift

Sheet rock lift DIY
Being hands on project manager on such a large project
allowed me to do lots of ideas that popped into my head, to solve practical
problems, design and production timing cost issues. 
At the beginning we where using T's made from 2x4's, typical practice for small jobs. To slow and cumbersome since we where installing 2 layers of material soundboard and sheetrock.

So I came up with this lift. Made completely from scraps on the job and a broken chair think I took wheels off a dolly. I didn't know that you could rent one or purchase a similar device, found out years after i finished entire project. 
Just as well it was more interesting as a DIY.

Here are some short video clips.

Kept the cog for one of them, and repurposed the rest of the lumber.
Thought it looked kinda neat. 
I will be posting plans for them if your interested, soon.
trebuchet anyone?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Modfied Tail-G electric bike

A Tail-G electric scooter I found trashed in a dumpster, really bad shape.
I discovered the electronics was toasted plus other problems.
Guess thats why it was in dumpster.
checked motor first, just minor repair of cut cables. So worth salvaging.

Anyway I stripped it of all its plastic housing covers plus, it actually looks way better! Then primed with rust-stop and hit it with a coat of metallic dark bronze looks nice ; )
Less is More, remember that future designeers.

I have a huge 48 volt Lithium -ion battery for a Chevy Volt
that fits smack in the middle good weight distribution.
future project watch this page if your interested.

Monday, June 27, 2016


Capgun I bought at flea market
Made the box out of 4x10 old growth pine recovered from building demo at 425 keap st
When I saw all these 4x10 beams piled up of old growth pine just being tossed
I thought what a waste, super dense wood like that is not available today.
Building was probably built early 1930's? Wish I had kept more of it.

Anyway I made this box for fun

the 3 holes hold rolls of paper caps

trek WSD 7200 electric build

Trek WSD 7200 Electric conversion
Originally I wanted to do a front trike configuration main purpose was to place 48v chevy volt battery in front but it prove to be to unstable, hard to control. I realized the fork angle camber, pitch made it unsuitable.
Lesson taken so back to 2 wheels. I really like the frame design the other choice would have been the Biria Easy Boarding bike frame, I like the low stepping.
Since this is basically for cargo so ease and stability were the main focus.

I used a 1200 watt hub motor 48v battery set
Close to final form is top picture ran really great! peppy!
Unfortunately no finished pics :(
Paint was a copper orange looked nice too nice :(
Think 2 kryptonite locks is enough :( nope :(
I used it for 2-3 weeks before it got stolen
If you see it let me know, though i'm sure its been parted out:(

this is an example of what not to do Trike front with pivoting center for 2 wheels proved to be highly unstable 
never know till you try ;) my oops your gain " knowledge" what not to do.
front disc brake mounts 

I made these extenders from titanium I had laying about bought it for a battlebot that i didn't finish.

montague paratrooper electric bike build

Montague paratrooper folding bike 
electric Reincarnation
I originally went overboard on this bike adding carbon fiber + aluminum super light parts and titanium bolts where ever I could ended up being a $3k folding bike. Which was great light and fast think it was 18lbs from I believe 32-35?lbs.
Then one day I go to use it stripped !!! and WOW they took parts I couldn't believe pedals and crankshaft! fork handlebar whole front assembly! seat etc.
Well they left me the main frame.
I left this languishing for 2 years.
till they got my Trek WSD 2700 electric

So here is the reincarnated Montague paratrooper

I bought a 36 volt 1000 watt rear hub motor kit via ebay.
Want 48 volt but I can probably swap out the controller to 48 at some point.

I used 2 iberia racks. I was looking at front racks what a waste. So decided to install another iberia backwards way better. I think.
The rear one conceals the controller somewhat, and the front holds the battery
I will probably change the battery configuration soon.

Testing my DIY trailer installed disc brakes, much smoother stopping power.

I  hijacked the seat from a Tail-G electric scooter I started to fix, more squooshy

also added folding pedals, stopped whacking my shins! when I walk it.
Got all the parts via ebay.

Origami a folding DIY bike cart / trailer

DIY bike cart / trailer
After looking for bike trailers,wasn't thrilled with choices I came across. $250 for the one I sort of liked, too much for something I wouldn't use. So ended up building this folding Origami-ish trailer. In NYC space is premium so it had to fold so I can store it in my squish-box of an apartment. Built it on the fly with what I had at hand, decided right away had to use 1/2 ply, I knew 3/4 would be to much weight. Here are the results of my tinkering. There is lots of room for improvement. But it easily carries 100+ pounds. Plus I can stick my monstrous 
Chevy Volt battery inside, really extends range of my electric bike.
drew up some rudimentary plans.  As a guide; ) have fun!

folds worked out fairly well
The holes are for the bolt nuts to fit into so its narrower when it's folded.

Axle for wheels are 1/2 inch bolts to hold wheels direct to plywood + large flange washers

Used Boeing green epoxy paint primer

still needs lots of minor modifications but very usable and foldable ;)