Monday, July 4, 2016

DIY sheetrock lift

Sheet rock lift DIY
Being hands on project manager on such a large project
allowed me to do lots of ideas that popped into my head, to solve practical
problems, design and production timing cost issues. 
At the beginning we where using T's made from 2x4's, typical practice for small jobs. To slow and cumbersome since we where installing 2 layers of material soundboard and sheetrock.

So I came up with this lift. Made completely from scraps on the job and a broken chair think I took wheels off a dolly. I didn't know that you could rent one or purchase a similar device, found out years after i finished entire project. 
Just as well it was more interesting as a DIY.

Here are some short video clips.

Kept the cog for one of them, and repurposed the rest of the lumber.
Thought it looked kinda neat. 
I will be posting plans for them if your interested, soon.
trebuchet anyone?

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