Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Modfied Tail-G electric bike

A Tail-G electric scooter I found trashed in a dumpster, really bad shape.
I discovered the electronics was toasted plus other problems.
Guess thats why it was in dumpster.
checked motor first, just minor repair of cut cables. So worth salvaging.

Anyway I stripped it of all its plastic housing covers plus, it actually looks way better! Then primed with rust-stop and hit it with a coat of metallic dark bronze looks nice ; )
Less is More, remember that future designeers.

I have a huge 48 volt Lithium -ion battery for a Chevy Volt
that fits smack in the middle good weight distribution.
future project watch this page if your interested.

Monday, June 27, 2016


Capgun I bought at flea market
Made the box out of 4x10 old growth pine recovered from building demo at 425 keap st
When I saw all these 4x10 beams piled up of old growth pine just being tossed
I thought what a waste, super dense wood like that is not available today.
Building was probably built early 1930's? Wish I had kept more of it.

Anyway I made this box for fun

the 3 holes hold rolls of paper caps

trek WSD 7200 electric build

Trek WSD 7200 Electric conversion
Originally I wanted to do a front trike configuration main purpose was to place 48v chevy volt battery in front but it prove to be to unstable, hard to control. I realized the fork angle camber, pitch made it unsuitable.
Lesson taken so back to 2 wheels. I really like the frame design the other choice would have been the Biria Easy Boarding bike frame, I like the low stepping.
Since this is basically for cargo so ease and stability were the main focus.

I used a 1200 watt hub motor 48v battery set
Close to final form is top picture ran really great! peppy!
Unfortunately no finished pics :(
Paint was a copper orange looked nice too nice :(
Think 2 kryptonite locks is enough :( nope :(
I used it for 2-3 weeks before it got stolen
If you see it let me know, though i'm sure its been parted out:(

this is an example of what not to do Trike front with pivoting center for 2 wheels proved to be highly unstable 
never know till you try ;) my oops your gain " knowledge" what not to do.
front disc brake mounts 

I made these extenders from titanium I had laying about bought it for a battlebot that i didn't finish.

montague paratrooper electric bike build

Montague paratrooper folding bike 
electric Reincarnation
I originally went overboard on this bike adding carbon fiber + aluminum super light parts and titanium bolts where ever I could ended up being a $3k folding bike. Which was great light and fast think it was 18lbs from I believe 32-35?lbs.
Then one day I go to use it stripped !!! and WOW they took parts I couldn't believe pedals and crankshaft! fork handlebar whole front assembly! seat etc.
Well they left me the main frame.
I left this languishing for 2 years.
till they got my Trek WSD 2700 electric

So here is the reincarnated Montague paratrooper

I bought a 36 volt 1000 watt rear hub motor kit via ebay.
Want 48 volt but I can probably swap out the controller to 48 at some point.

I used 2 iberia racks. I was looking at front racks what a waste. So decided to install another iberia backwards way better. I think.
The rear one conceals the controller somewhat, and the front holds the battery
I will probably change the battery configuration soon.

Testing my DIY trailer installed disc brakes, much smoother stopping power.

I  hijacked the seat from a Tail-G electric scooter I started to fix, more squooshy

also added folding pedals, stopped whacking my shins! when I walk it.
Got all the parts via ebay.

Origami a folding DIY bike cart / trailer

DIY bike cart / trailer
After looking for bike trailers,wasn't thrilled with choices I came across. $250 for the one I sort of liked, too much for something I wouldn't use. So ended up building this folding Origami-ish trailer. In NYC space is premium so it had to fold so I can store it in my squish-box of an apartment. Built it on the fly with what I had at hand, decided right away had to use 1/2 ply, I knew 3/4 would be to much weight. Here are the results of my tinkering. There is lots of room for improvement. But it easily carries 100+ pounds. Plus I can stick my monstrous 
Chevy Volt battery inside, really extends range of my electric bike.
drew up some rudimentary plans.  As a guide; ) have fun!

folds worked out fairly well
The holes are for the bolt nuts to fit into so its narrower when it's folded.

Axle for wheels are 1/2 inch bolts to hold wheels direct to plywood + large flange washers

Used Boeing green epoxy paint primer

still needs lots of minor modifications but very usable and foldable ;)

Front wheel lock modified Kryptonite lock DIY

Front wheel lock using modified Kryptonite lock
Had 2 kryptonite lock barrels some thief or thieves clipped using bolt cutters
on my Trek electric bike, left as reminder why I shouldn't leave my bike too long anywhere. I had already tossed them but recovered them for prints. ha
Anyway realized they could be modified for wheel locks, luckily I didn't toss all the keys.
Kryptonite lock Modified is on left, had to cut it shorter and ground a new hole for bolt posts. Cut off 2 inches+- using grinder, Then cut a large slot to fit T-bolt on brake post.

I removed the brake posts and replaced them with bolts/screws.
Had to grind the head on one of them flat so it's kind of like a T since one lock opening is a large  slot.
Screw posts made it easy to adjust lock insert for smooth operation.

 Now I no longer have to loop my chain through the front wheel
youtube video link; https://youtu.be/jyqaJho5lNw